Start An Table Top Garden

Want to brighten up your home with vivid colors from fresh plants and flowers during the cold grey winter months; especially after coming in from the outside where the wind and snow are blowing? We’re going to tell you how you can provide clean fresh air and an inviting home for your family and friends by creating an indoor tabletop garden. When looking for placement of your garden be sure there is sufficient daylight for proper growth as lack of sunlight will certainly lengthen the growth process. Next on the list is moisture in the air, a dry environment will almost certainly cause damage to your plants. If this is a problem you can install or place a room humidifier to perk up your indoor tabletop garden. It doesn’t matter what type of plants you are growing they all need they all need that humidity.

More Information For Your Indoor Tabletop garden

An indoor tabletop garden has the same requirements of an outdoor type and that is: nutrients, water and light; therefore once you decided what you want to plant you need to purchase the right soil that provides nutrients continuously, such as, potting mix from Miracle Grow and you can get started. Watering your indoor tabletop garden is very important and here is where many people many mistakes by over watering their plants and flowers; remember that the indoor tabletop garden is created in pots and has limited space to where it can drain therefore too much water will result in possible rotting on the roots and the death of your plants. Typically, an indoor tabletop garden needs to be watered twice a week unless the specific plant, herb or flower comes with specific watering instructions. You can always check the soil by placing your finger on it to feel it is dry or wet and go from there.

The light density exposed to your indoor tabletop garden will make so much difference for the growth of your plants and you will see that if you place your plants near a window and watch them grow in that direction. If your garden is placed in an area with insufficient light possibilities you can install artificial lights to ensure proper growth of your plants and flowers. You will soon be enjoying a blossoming garden.