Picking A Fountain

Tip!: Watering: Improper watering is the leading cause of death of plants in indoor gardening. Watering once a week is sufficient.

The beautiful sight of a cascading water fountain combined with the gentle trickling sound of the flowing water is wonderfully soothing. We all tend to lead busy lives these days, and when our nerves are fraught, being able to retreat to a peaceful spot and relax for a few moments is important. This is where fountains come in handy. They come in a huge variety of styles, from decorative tabletop fountains to ornamental garden fountains. So, whether you like to escape to the backyard or unwind inside in your favorite armchair, a fountain can easily be located nearby to help ease your stress.

Indoor fountains enable you to bring the naturally peaceful sound of trickling water inside, so you can close your eyes and easily imagine you’re by a babbling brook or waterfall. A desktop fountain placed on a computer desk or shelf helps promote a good working environment. The moving water helps to purify the air and acts as a natural humidifier. As well as small tabletop interior fountains, floor and wall fountains are available for larger spaces such as an entranceway or reception area. These are great for creating a welcoming atmosphere.

garden fountains can be used in any garden design, from large lawned gardens to small courtyard areas. Pond fountains are excellent for creating an attractive display and for keeping the water circulating. Bird bath fountains are ideal for attracting beneficial wildlife to a flower garden. Outdoor fountains are powered either by an electrical pump or by the sun’s rays. Solar fountains have the advantage of no running costs and can be moved easily to any position you like, provided the solar panel is kept in sunlight.

Tip!: Many people tend to kill their indoor plants by overwatering them. While your indoor garden needs water just like your outdoor garden it’s important to remember that these plants are in containers and you can’t just load them up with a ton of water that will stand in the container and perhaps wrought the roots.

Whether you want to drown out the noise of the city and transform a small patio into a haven of tranquility, or want to create a relaxing ambiance in your home, a water fountain could be the perfect accessory.