Make An Herb Garden Indoors

To create an indoor rock garden you will need certain specific materials to get the job done right. Some of these items will be some broken pottery to cover over the drainage hole, potting soil, a one foot long container, plants and rocks. These items can be bought at any local nursery. When you are planning to buy rocks, you’l need to to make sure that the shapes and sizes are in proper proportion to the plants’ overall size along with the container that you have acquired. You will also want to look for colors, shapes and textures that appeal to your own vision.

Methods To Use In Order To Build Your Own Indoor Rock garden

After you have gone to the neighborhood nursery and purchased all of the items that you need to create your own indoor rock garden, it is time to get to work.  Ths is precisely what you will need to do.

The first thing that you will want to do is place the broken pieces of pottery in the bottom of your container in order to prevent the soil from washing out.  After you have done that you can then fill your container half full with potting soil. Now it is time to select rocks that have interesting textures and shapes for in your indoor rock garden. You can take some time to experiment with how you want to place these rocks until you finally decide that you like how your container actually looks. With the stones finally the way that you want them, it is time to place your taller plants near the back of the pot that you are placing your indoor rock garden inside of.

As you do this, you will want to gently loosen their root balls before you get into planting them and then water thoroughly. These plants need to be placed around the rocks, with some on the outside and some in the spaces that are found between the rocks. Do not plant anything until you are sure you have it where you want it to go. If you choose any plants that have trailing stems, you should allow their stems to lie across the rocks so that you create a natural look. When you have finished you need to soak the plants thoroughly.